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AICTE Internship Registration 2022 – AICTE has launched several initiatives to promote industry internships at technical colleges at the graduate level. The primary goal of these projects is to improve the employability skills of students graduating from technical schools. With the support of notable academics in the nation, the AICTE has developed a model curriculum to ensure that the country produces competent, employable graduates who meet the demands of the businesses. The model curriculum offers a six-month internship for students at various points during the program.

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Industry Benefits

  • Availability of applicants for employment who are willing to participate.
  • Consistent supply of highly motivated pre-professionals throughout the year.
  • When it comes to problem-solving, students offer fresh insights.
  • The organization’s visibility on campus has risen.
  • Availability of qualified candidates for temporary or seasonal employment and projects.
  • Industrial workers have greater freedom to explore more creative ideas.
  • Access to a flexible, cost-effective workforce that does not need a long-term employer commitment.
  • Proven, cost-effective method of evaluating and recruiting prospective personnel.
  • Contributing to the educational enterprise improves the employer’s reputation in the community.

Student Benefits

  • Possibility of being employed by the industry/organization.
  • Work experience in a management environment.
  • A fantastic chance to explore how theoretical concepts covered in class are used in the real world. On-the-job training gives much more professional experience, typically more valuable than classroom instruction.
  • Assists them in determining if the sector and profession are the most incredible career options.
  • Possibility of gaining new skills and expanding knowledge.
  • A chance to improve on communication and collaboration skills.
  • Learn time management, multitasking, and other methods in an industrial setting.
  • Opportunities for networking as well as the opportunity to meet new people.
  • It is an excellent addition to their résumé.
  • Establishing a network and social circle and cultivating contacts with industry professionals.
  • Allows you to assess the company before committing to full-time employment.

AICTE Internship Registration Last Date 2022

Internship Duration And Academic Credentials

The following approach is recommended to award academic credit for the internship completed as part of the program.

  • Internship/entrepreneurial activities/project work/seminar and inter/intra institutional training may be considered for the B. Tech. Degree program and for the three-year diploma program.
  • In this case, one credit equates to a minimum of 40-45 hours of labor. As a result, a full-time intern can anticipate devoting 40 to 45 hours per week to internships, training, project work, and seminar activities, among other things. This would result in a total internship period of 600 to 700 hours for B. Tech students and 450-500 hours for diploma students.
  • Internships may be full-time or part-time; full-time internships are available during the summer break, and part-time internships are available throughout the academic year. The AICTE program is adaptable in terms of internship length.

AICTE Internship 2022 Application Form

International Internship Guidelines

After the second, fourth, and sixth/seventh grades, the T&P cell will organize internships for students in industries/organizations.

AICTE/affiliating University rules or semester(s). Institutions might potentially create an online method for scheduling &supervising internships. The following is the primary approach for designing a training:

Step 1: A request letter or email from the college’s Training and Placement unit should be sent to the industry to provide different intervals of 4-6 weeks during the summer break to students as internship periods Students

Step 2: Through a confirmation letter/email, the industry will confirm the training sessions and the number of internship seats available.

Step 3: Students must submit the Joining Report/Letters/Email after starting training at the concerned industry/organization.

Step 4: Students get on-the-job training in the relevant industry or organization. In the meantime, faculty members review students’ performance once or twice by visiting the industry/organization. The students’ evaluation reports are provided to the department office/TPO with the approval of industry persons/trainers.

Step 5: Students will submit a training report after completing the internship.

Step 6: Obtain a training certificate from the industry.

Step 7: The Training and Placement Cell will produce a list of students who have completed their internship.

The model curriculum offers a six-month internship for students at various points during the program.

How To Apply Online For AICTE Internship 2022?

You can register in various ways for the AICTE internships such as being a student, University/institution, ULB/smart city and Employer (MSME, DM, NGO, PSU).

  • Firstly, you will be asked to enter the university name/ institution/ college name.
  • Secondly, you will be asked to enter the student ID i.e. enrolment number.
  • Then, you need to add all your name credentials.
  • The tab of location along with contact number and mail address needs to be filled.
  • Later, you have to provide a secure password and confirm it.
  • Later, you will be asked to enter your gender and category of caste.
  • You will be asked to choose the last course you had enrolled for and then you have to click on the submit button.
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